Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

5.3 - Activity: Making a Financial Agreement

ACTIVITY: Making a Financial Agreement

To make a financial agreement regarding your separation, there are a lot of things to think about and a lot of details to work out. It is worthwhile to make a list.

What do you need to think about and include in a financial agreement? Make a list of some of the things you think are important to talk about with your former partner.


  • Immediate and longer term parenting arrangements for the children
  • Total income for each household
  • Total expenses for each household
  • Child support payments
  • Child care expenses including special and extraordinary expenses
  • Spousal or partner support - for how much and how long
  • Determining what is community property and the value of the community property
  • Deciding how to divide community property
  • Community debt – how much and how to deal with it
5.3 - Activity: Making a Financial Agreement