Families Change Guide to Separation & Divorce

3.19 - Activity: What Would You Say?

ACTIVITY: What Would You Say?

Practice your positive communication strategies. See if you can handle the conflict with good results for all parties.


Your son plays the clarinet. He is taking lessons and has already passed his Grade 5 clarinet exam. His teacher says he is very talented and could perform solos at concerts but she would suggest that he upgrade his instrument now.

The new instrument will cost $1000. She would like him to get the new clarinet within the next month so that he can use it at the next festival coming up in two months.

The cost of the lessons has already been worked out between you and your former partner but this is an unexpected expense.

How would talk to your former partner about this expense?

What communication strategies could you use to get a favorable result when this subject is discussed?

What things would not work?

3.19 - Activity: What Would You Say?